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3424 Kocaelispor Gulf of İzmit The best songs from Kocaelispor fans. İzmit is the other name of Kocaeli. In the song, there is reference to Persian Gulf War.Körfez means gulf and also nickname of Kocaelispor. In the song, there are both meaning Çalma listesi
5160 Kocaelispor Despite Wreckages, We Love You For society of Kocaeli, 1999 Earthquake has been so important that collective consciousness is still under influence of the earthquake. Song from Hodri Meydan Çalma listesi
15796 Kocaelispor We Are Approaching to Victory Step by Step This song was created by ''Hodri Meydan'' after Kocaelispor had been eliminated from professional league to amateur one. This song was inspired from motto of campaing which was started for the team's returning to old days Çalma listesi
16425 Kocaelispor Körfez, Look at Us It is chant from the only fan group of Kocaelspor Hodri Meydan Çalma listesi

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